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Rabbit Vibrators

Who doesn't love a rabbit vibrator? The rabbit vibrator is also known as a dual-action vibrator because it performs two functions at the same time - vaginal and clitoral stimulation.  The rabbit vibrator was catapulted to fame when it was featured in the 90's TV show, Sex and the City, and it has never looked back.  Whether you're new to the sex toys scene or a sex toys connoisseur, the rabbit vibrator is sure to be on your list.

Adam and Eve the Thruster

$149.98 $190.47

Enchanted Exciter

$73.40 $99.82

Air Touch 2 - Purple

$69.99 $114.70

Hype Dual Wand

$69.50 $94.52

Starstruck Affair

$114.90 $150.52